David Prettyman


One of the three founder members of the band, David wanted to be a drummer from the age of seven. His sensible father gave him a piano instead! While at Lowestoft Art School in the early sixties, he joined a student band where he had a single snare drum to batter away on. Sitting behind a truly awful gazoo band, knocking out twist rhythms and similar forms of popular music, entertaining a motley assembly at the local working men’s club, he thought he’d arrived! After leaving the area to seek fame and fortune in London, musically, things stalled for him. Things didn’t actually stall, they crashed and burned.

For the next thirty years he did nothing other than irritate his wife as he tapped out rhythms on the table top. Retiring from business fifteen years ago and returning to East Anglia he decided it was time to buy a set of drums… And he then got on with annoying his neighbours as well as his wife. He has been truly fortunate to find himself playing in a handful of bands from sixties surfer tribute style bands; Blues and R&B outfits, has tried his hand….and feet….at disco, techno, rock and country, and now finally he is the bloke at the back of the Senior Moments. He does his best to lay down a solid rhythm while occasionally smiling…more difficult than you might think!